I’m on my 11th day of not eating meat. I thought it was the heaviest thing I was putting into my system, thought I was going to lose weight, nope. I’ve gained a couple of pounds. I have to cut out as much sugar as possible, at least, processed sugar – the bullshit, chips and…Read moreRead more


It felt like a long day but it was only a six hour and forty five minute shift. It was at the very end that this woman that runs the front end and closes the store 4- 5 times a week get moody and grouchy, she says things that set me off. She harasses. A…Read moreRead more


Time to go to the day job and it doesn’t feel like such a drag. I’m actually feeling good. I went to sleep early and I woke up early. Normally I go to sleep betwen three and four A.M. and get out of bed with just enough time to get to where I slave. I…Read moreRead more


So, I’m starting to understand this stuff. Now I need a plan, coming soon. For now, I’m social media, @TrappedInFlesh. Love and Peace (not cheese, we’re [world] in rough times). Jesse Velasquez, TrappedInFlesh™

Hello world!

Thank you for stopping by.  Like with everything in life, I’m learning as I go.  Please be patient while I figure things out.   For now you can find me on social media @TrappedinFlesh Peace and Love (we’re in bad times) Jesse Velasquez, TrappedInFlesh™