Backpack Thief (Fiction)

Jesse Velasquez BACKPACK THIEF by TrappedInFlesh Long day at work. Seconds after stepping off the first bus the light changes and the Saturday night Hollywood hordes cross paths at this intersection where rarely an “excuse me” or a “sorry” is heard. On the other side at the underground entrance, a small group blazes. So…Read moreRead more


I’m on my 11th day of not eating meat. I thought it was the heaviest thing I was putting into my system, thought I was going to lose weight, nope. I’ve gained a couple of pounds. I have to cut out as much sugar as possible, at least, processed sugar – the bullshit, chips and…Read moreRead more


It felt like a long day but it was only a six hour and forty five minute shift. It was at the very end that this woman that runs the front end and closes the store 4- 5 times a week get moody and grouchy, she says things that set me off. She harasses. A…Read moreRead more


Time to go to the day job and it doesn’t feel like such a drag. I’m actually feeling good. I went to sleep early and I woke up early. Normally I go to sleep betwen three and four A.M. and get out of bed with just enough time to get to where I slave. I…Read moreRead more


So, I’m starting to understand this stuff. Now I need a plan, coming soon. For now, I’m social media, @TrappedInFlesh. Love and Peace (not cheese, we’re [world] in rough times). Jesse Velasquez, TrappedInFlesh™

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Thank you for stopping by.  Like with everything in life, I’m learning as I go.  Please be patient while I figure things out.   For now you can find me on social media @TrappedinFlesh Peace and Love (we’re in bad times) Jesse Velasquez, TrappedInFlesh™